What is whiteshoppy.com?

Whiteshoppy.com is the best discount web search, just buy our discount card and go shopping to the outlets enroll in our website and get guarantee discount, and also to get the latest discount offers through SMS and E-Mails.

Online shopping is the future and every individual have the web in their pockets through smart phones. Online shopping has grown leaps and bounds on the internet today. WHITESHOPPY.com is an online shopping website which offers discounts on every outlet enrolled in our website. So you can also grab this offer by just having our shopping card, here we have all kind of business client who give the genuine discounts by just showing our card. Whiteshoppy.com is your destination of your genuine discount needs, and also the latest offers will be sent to the card holder through SMS or E-Mail.

How to use?

Just search for your preferred category in our website to find out the best suitable discount outlet and get genuine discount by just showing our discount card on your purchase. You can do a price comparison to find the best discount outlet, all in a matter of minutes. Most of the online websites offer nothing more than online catalogs to browse for your merchandise, or you can use the search feature to find specific items listed, but in contrast to the traditional offerings "whiteshoppy.com" allows you to get direct information about the merchant by just sending one SMS, once you find your merchant or item you are seeking for and get complete details of the merchant along with discount offers.

About Us

At Whiteshoppy.com, we know how important it is for you and your family to get the most value for your money. Our goal is to make your life easier by being your free resource for valuable discounts, offers and services from your favorite brands and stores. We also want to help you save time that's why we have made it easy to find all the money saving offers and services you want with just one convenient Web Site. Each month, thousands of people visit Whiteshoppy.com to take advantage of money-saving discounts and offers from their favorite name brands. They also enjoy helpful tips and articles, newsletters, free advice from our doctor's page and more through mails. We would love to hear from you with any feedback as to how we can better serve you. The idea behind this website is to save you a few bucks with offers and discounts while shopping.

Our Mission

Our commitment is to be true to you. We are committed to the "Do No Evil" method of running a business. We will make our best efforts to provide you with all relevant information we have pertaining to any particular Discount, Offers, Services or Article we publish. We recognize in today's world, trust is something that needs to be earned. We strive daily to work with the highest levels of honesty and integrity to earn your trust. If you have any complaints regarding our service or with the discount card you can bring that issue to us through mail, within 4 hours we will get back to you. For complaints email us to: Support@whiteshoppy.com